Pack4Track is a company that was founded in 2016,      driven  by the desire to bring to the market new,      innovative travel gear items. While the creator of the      design is of Czech origin, the production is located in      China. Our launch product is a travel set, which contains         a pillow, eye shades and a pair of earplugs – all you need      to have a perfectly restful trip, either on a plane, car, bus      or train. The Pack4track design team is constantly thinking about our customers and working assiduously to bring new products on the market.


Due to the pillow’s microbeads filler, you can customize the shape of it for your personal need. Push the microbeads backward for neck support or bring them forward for chin support

CARRY BAG included

With just one move you can easily pack or take the pillow out. On top of it, the carry bag has enough space to store any other useful items during the trip

FOR LONG trips

Car, train, bus or airplane trips became a part of your daily routine. Our goal is to transform this regular routine into a pleasant, restful time. A good nap leads to an effective and happy day

Works at HOME

Wherever you decide to use our pillow, we guarantee the same outcome: feeling 100% charged and in a good mood for the rest of the day


A Travel Pillow that works